mWin: Debt Collection

Effective Debt Collection Support

Late payments are a major problem for many entrepreneurs. It is particularly noticeable in the SME sector. To a significant extent they are threatening not only the liquidity of businesses but even actually their survival. Due to the fact that businesses’ financial stability depends to a huge extent on predictability of cash flows – late payments impact it severely. Lack of financial stability in turn impacts the growth of businesses, their employment levels and investments. Financial standing of businesses resulting out of late payments also negatively impacts the entire national economy. Market research shows that nearly half of entrepreneurs in Poland trying to recover receivables themselves fail to collect the total amounts, even after a year of commencement of collection efforts. Supporting this process with a dedicated IT system may have a decisive influence on their financial standing as well as the scale of operations on the ever more competitive market.

mWin Advantages Over Competition:

Low Entry Barrier

Softman offers its clients also the possibility to operate mWin in a hosted environment. In this model the system is made available to the users via the Softman Cloud Platform that assures complete management of all its technology layers and provides the SLA as expected by the client. Subsequent system scaling, also for expanding requirements, is done in a flexible pay-as-you-grow model.

Cost Optimisation

The system was designed with automation in focus so as to minimise the number of manual interventions in the collection processes and the resulting workload, thus also the related costs. With mWin even a small team may process many cases at the same time. The required modifications of action paths or details of tasks are done as parameterisations performed by system users assigned to such roles.

Comprehensive Solution

mWin is a solution fully supporting the debt collection process. At the pre-collection stage it provides proactive monitoring of payments and dispatching of reminders or notices before the arrears actually occur. In the soft collection process it sets out the automatic and manual tasks that it then assigns to operators; monitors their execution and bills the fees. It performs the entire path until completion of the collection procedure, debt recovery, its sale or write-off.

Extended mWin Functonality:


The system allows a collection agencty to perform debt recovery for its multiple clients. It can be integrated with any domain-specific systems and retrieve cases made available for processing by these systems regardless of their transmission method (Web Services, text files, database, etc.). It also assures means of integration with a call centre (dialler), debt buyers’ systems, hard collection systems, eCourt, or bailiffs.

Role-based Access

As a standard the system recognises three types of users: ‘collector’, ‘field collector’ and ‘administrator’. Depending on their assigned roles the users gain access to applicable system functions allowing them to perform their duties. The roles and user rights may be defined at the implementation stage to reflect the actual organisational structure of the company.

Flexibility of Processes  

mWin executes the collection processes according to freely definable paths with unlimited numbers and sequences of tasks. The tasks may be handled manually by the collector, automatically by the system, or decision (event) driven. Path and tasks configuration is possible also during operation of the system.

Autonomous or as a Module

mWin, as an autonomous and independent system may operate in any IT environment. It is often chosen as an extension of other Softman applications (e.g. the mLoan loan processing system). In this configuration it is an extension of another domain-specific system, thus limiting the cost of potential implementation, integration and subsequent maintenance of systems from different vendors.

Communications Channels

Within the tasks forming a collection path, dunning messages may be sent over the following channels: SMS, e-mail, personalised serial printed correspondence, as well as initiation of telephone calls to debtors via third-party dedicated call centre (dialler) may be triggered. The system also allows automatic billing of fees for the dunning operations performed.

Operating C​ontrols

mWin provides full control over the debt collection process. It monitors the progress of execution of tasks, detailed customer information, debt balances, collection issues, contacts history, etc. It provides the Administrator with possibility to manage paths, tasks and their assignments to Collectors, to create templates, as well as to access to statistics and reports presenting the extent of fulfilment of business goals.

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