mLease: Leasing Solution

Integrated System For Leasing Processes Management

mLease solution consists of three integrated business layers: trade, operational and booking. The concept of using layered structure enables an easy integration capabilities with third party financial, operational or booking systems. Such approach also makes data conversion from older legacy system simpler, less time consuming and allows to proceed with phased implementation in contrast to rip and replace project. In heterogeneous IT environment, very common nowadays, layered structure of mLease helps to quickly integrate and adapt it to existing solutions and quickly gain operational readiness.

mLease Over Competition:

Modular Structure

mLease system consists of the following integrated modules:

  • mLease core calculation module
  • Mobile sales module
  • Customers & business partners module
  • General ledger module
  • Fixed assets management module
  • Debt collection module
  • Administration module

Integrated Components

All modules of mLease are integrated, however they can work independently as self-reliant components as well. From the user experience perspective, navigating between various functions of the modules is transparent. All of modules have been implemented using the same, proven Oracle technology and the same architectural concepts what makes the whole system coherent.

Layered Architecture

Core mLease calculation module, based on our payment and reconciliation engine consists of three integrated software layers, each focused on specyfic business activity: trade, operational and booking. Such approach provides integration capabilities with 3rd party systems and ease of data migration.

SHR Functonality::

  • Tracing of leasing agreement collateral on each and every step of its creation and servicing
  • Storing and archiving agreement lifecycle history (including appendices, payments, settlements, damages, changes of address data, payment schedules, invoices and notes)  
  • Easy and intuitive access to customer data 
  • Filering and navigating through agreements and customers according to any criteria
  • Access to cashflow details (revenue recognition, planning based on payment schedules)  
  • Integration of data between agreements database and general ledger
  • Access to comprehensive and synthetic reporting based on gathered data  
  • Ability to influence payment processes by any authorized line of business in the company 
  • Standard documents templates creation and management
  • Calculation assistance in customer proposals and agreements  
  • Selecting customers according to specyfic criteria (value of agreements, number of agreements, payment dates, etc.)  
  • Automatic calculation of interest, late payment fees and other charges  
  • Automatic payments recognition and settlement of dues  
  • Assistance in managing loan applications, redemption of receivables and management of respective agreements
  • Storing data of agreement securities and automatic creation of debtor lists  
  • Support for printout of applications on official legal templates  
  • Assistance in managing assignments of receivables

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