SHR: Human Resources Management System

Comprehensive Human Resources Management Solution

Softman human resources management system (sHR) is offered as a fully functional standalone solution, or as a module of Softman’s ERP suite (system SOF) dedicated for comprehensive management of enterprise resources. sHR delivers full operational management of all human resources aspects including empoyment strategy and payroll policies as well. Our soultion provides a complete set of features to automate HR-related processes and is compliant with all legal regulations binding in Poland. Broad set of built-in functions and system flexibility provides our customers with convenient tool for both back-office and employees.

SHR Functonality:

  • Full personnel data including salaries, roles and privileges  
  • Managing engagement file consisting data of position and employment conditions with ability to introduce collective or individual raises according to selected criteria(inflation, percentage, precise amount, etc.)
  • Managing employees vacation status and planning   
  • Payment for regular workdays and overtime  
  • Managing employees absence file  
  • Managing of employee apprisal process (qualifiactions, awards, etc.)  
  • Storing of employee work experience, previous employments (with the option to use such data for obligatory calculations like eligable vacation period, etc.)    
  • Keeping data of external contractors  
  • Easy and intuitive interface for searching through, viewing and modifying data  
  • Access to synthetic reports based on HR data
  • Calculation of illness, rehabilitation and future retirement benefits  
  • Calculation, managing and printout of payrolls and support for creation of custom procedures for salaries calculation    
  • Storing data of employees wages and their elements  
  • Calculation of holliday compensation    
  • Managing applicants data    
  • Ease of adaption to specific requirements of the enterprise (e.g. due to new legal regulations) thanks to strong parametrization capabilities  
  • Automatic generation of documents in official templates: PIT (PIT-4, PIT-11/8B, PIT-40, PIT8A), Z-03, Z-06, data to DG-1  
  • Creating custom reports and summaries    
  • Ability to work in multi-entity organizations

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